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Unforgettable tours through the Brenztal Valley

The Brenz region is part of the Swabian Alps Geopark. Once flooded by prehistoric oceans, this unique countryside has been shaped over millions of years.

River valleys and dry valleys are peppered with impressive rock structures and rich heath lands cover the slopes.

The Brenz River originates from a karstic spring in Königsbronn and flows through the region like a glittering ribbon, all the way into the adjoining Donautal Valley. The picturesque surrounding guarantees a relaxing experience for cyclists and connoisseurs alike.

Enjoy your stay!

Cyclists’ paradise

Brenz tour
Follow the Brenz, its 55 km of flowing water, from the source spring in Königsbronn all the way to the Donau River in Lauingen.
Length: 56.2 km

Meteor tour
Meteor and forests - From the Brenz Valley onto Albuch
From Schnaitheim onto the Steinheimer heath land, into the Wental Valley, past the ocean of boulders, to Zang and Itzelberg.
Length: 42.3 km

Water and stone tour over the Härtsfeld
The inviting Härtsfeld at its best – Steinweiler, Neresheim (abbey), Lake Härtsfeld, Disching, Fleinheim, und Nattheim.
Length: 58 km

Cliff tour
From Brenztal Valley up the Gerstetter Alps

This tour takes you up the alps. Through the beautiful Ugental Valley, past the Heldenfinger Cliff, to Gerstetten, and over Küfendorf on the return trip.
Length: 35.3 km

Cave tour
From the Urbrenztal Valley, to the ruins of Güssenburg Castle near Hermaringen, the Charlotte Cave (stalactite cave) near Hürben, the ruins of Kaltenburg Castle, into the Lonetal Valley, and on to Niederstotzingen.
Length: 26 km 

More about the route here or Freizeit Tourenportal

Along the routes there are:

  • Train stations for a comfortable return trip
  • Cyclist friendly inns
  • Places of interest and landmarks, such as:
  • The Wental Valley, ocean of boulders, abbey in Neresheim, railway museum in Gerstetten, Charlotte Cave (stalactite cave) in Hürben, as well as the adventure museum “The World of Steiff” in Giengen.

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Bike Park at Hochberg Mountain 

with biker X, free ride, and cross-country tracks

Or discover the 7.8 km mountain bike track with downhill-kick at the end of the course. The new competitive trend biker X has been considered with a 5m wide natural track. More information here.

Features and services:

  • 3 nights with breakfast
  • 2 packed lunches
  • 1 x 3-course-meal with Swabian specialities
  • Garage space for your bicycle

We can do your laundry (for an additional charge). Information on cycling tours and maps will be provided at the reception. 



Single room

160.00 €

Twin bed room per person
(Double room with separate beds) 

115.00 €

Double room Comfort per person

130.00 €

Double room -Fit with waterbeds per person

145.00 €